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    December 29, 2017

    We end this turbulent year with a mix as varied as 2017 itself. Enjoy a diverse ride through up- and downtempo electronica with all his facets compiled and recorded by PÚCA. A Púca is a benevolent shapeshifter in the Irish mythology. It is said to appear in many different forms, they may also take a human shape. The anomalous concept is witnessed in Aodhgáns (aka Púca) [...]

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    Our homie KARSTEN PFLUM is back with his meanwhile fourth installment for the Mindcast series. As in one of the previous editions (Mindcast.21) it's about celebrating a new release. On 24th November his brand new album "Love Canticles" will be unleashed on the welsh label Touched Music.  Love Canticles is a solid collection of squelch, rattle and drop - guaranteed to please our [...]

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    Mindcast forty comes from french producer Poborsk, one hour of mostly his own productions. An excellent trip through shades of classic "IDM" with synthetic computer funk, depth charge bass drops, steel plated beats and concrete sound manipulation, exactly how described in his Bio. Poborsk has been active in producing electronic music since 1999. His first releases on the net-labels Filament [...]

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