• Bunai Carus – Neend

  • MWM009, Neend by Bunai Carus

    BUNAI CARUS [bunaj kaʁys] is the collaborative project between Jeremy Louis and Guillaume Quet - founded in Montpellier France around 2013, but recently relocated to Brussels.
    The two choice Belgians are former instrumental musicians from different backgrounds but found their connection in the desire to create live A/V shows.

    Bunai Carus music is mostly based on field recordings, samples and lots of self generated sounds, blended all together with a strong attachment to their visual ideas.
    The result is a mixture of their own sense of contemporary electronic music and the reflection of past impressions - heavily influenced and inspired by the early millennium electronica and artists such as Autechre, Aphex Twin, BoC and Vladislav Delay, just to name a view.
    Earlier works of the two French Ambient and IDM enthusiasts have been published by Many Feet Under (ITA), Clear Error (US), Brainstorm Lab (UK) and SymbioticCube (GE).

    „BUNAI CARUS - NEEND“ is Guillaume and Jeremy’s debut on Mindwaves Music and the seventh EP in total - a milestone in their musical research.
    "Neend“ is a conceptual work, aiming to take the listener from warm melodic moments with natural sounds up to louder broken beats with experimental approach and unleashed but still textured drums - and all seems to held together by cuts of orchestral strings ?!
    Within about thirty minutes the EP shifts from Ambient to IDM and back - a travel through electronica with melancholic melodies, crunchy beats and cinematic moments with an acoustic vibe.

  • Tracklist

    01 Cage's Coma 04:33
    02 Storm Cellar 04:37
    03 Skelet-1 07:21
    04 Pahoehoe 03:06
    05 Glowdrift 06:33
    06 Tableaux 04:25

    Release date || July 01, 2016

  • Music by || Jeremy Louis, Guillaume Quet
    Mastered by || Stefan Betke @ Scape Mastering
    Artwork by || Cle Cosinus
    Format || Digital

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