• Sofus Forsberg – FM Volta

  • MWM008, FM Volta by Sofus Forsberg

    Nine is the magic number, making this a very special release since the 2005-launch of the artist's previous album, Udefra. So following a busy period of collaborations, projects and performances - Sofus Forsberg brings us FM Volta: featuring a fusion of man-machine energies, identifying in particular with the modular synthesizer.

    From the bizarre and eccentric to the dark and spacey: non-standard techniques in music production have culminated in some incredibly experimental sounds. This latest album is a sonic animation in the truest sense of the word – a painting of sound vibrations inspired by band members: the modular synthesizer, drum/FX machines and mixer.

    The artist demonstrates a fascination with the 'patterns of sound' illustrated by nature: “If we look at geometry and the pre-designed elements of nature – everything is already there, so I feel I am channeling that information. So by studying things like the Fibonacci sequence of numbers and fractals – I am simply presenting ideas of how I see the world and the universe. It's all connected – just like music, maths and science.”

    From John Coltrane and Hendrix to Autechre: inspiration for music is discovered throughout the ages. The FM Volta album is a revelation though as it follows a nine-year spell of experimenting, studying, exploring, performing and collaborating. It's been a long-time coming - yet Sofus Forsberg has reached one of the most defining pinacles of his musical career with this exceptional new release, in which he unveils a fascinating approach to music production.

    The artist will continue to share, collaborate and release new material well into 2014. It's going to be an interesting year ahead. In the meantime, we are happy to share with you this new production from the artist – so feel inspired and watch this space for more from Sofus Forsberg this year.

  • Tracklist

    01 Take Fibrillo 07:07
    02 Dear Noft 03:54
    03 One More Time 06:10
    04 Chineese Swamp 06:25
    05 WMC 03:36
    06 FM Volta 05:34

    Release date || April 18, 2014

  • Music by || Sofus Forsberg
    Mastered by || Bob Macciochi @ Subvert Central Mastering
    Artwork by || Toke Flyvholm
    Format || LP, Digital

  • Press

    Chain D.L.K. [en]  
    Ear Influxion [en]
    Transistora [es]
    Vital Weekly [en]

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