• The Ebertbrothers – Polymer Boulevard Remixes

  • MWM013, Polymer Boulevard Remixes by The Ebertbrothers

    As The Ebertbrothers' previous releases and their Mindcast DJ mixes show, the two brothers are fascinated by a wide variety of musical genres.
    So the idea of having all the tracks from their current album "Polymer Boulevard" remixed by selected artists, each at home in a different genre, was an obvious one.
    However, all of them are united in their love for music, far away from the mainstream.

    The result is a wide range of tracks, from electro bangers to slow-motion dystopian soundscapes, from dubstep to experimental breaks and every niche in between, even industrial rock.
    An album that couldn't be more eclectic, but represents both the Ebertbrothers and the individual remix artists - each track different, yet belonging together as in a concept album.

    Last but not least, we would like to thank all participating remixers who used their artistic freedom to impress us with their creative output. We deeply admire and appreciate their work and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.
    Album snippets are available on Soundcloud (click here)

  • Tracklist

    01 Zincofar (HoeHLE Ferum Mix) 05:54
    02 Rotormesser (The Ebertbrothers Redshift Remix) 05:07
    03 Mean Guy (Karsten Pflum Hooligan Mix) 05:15
    04 Slurpernova (Cocktail Party Effect Remix) 04:34
    05 Yahtzee (Ultra Deep Field Remix) 05:01
    06 Lisa (Ex.Hale Rework) 05:27
    07 Zincofar (Ravn Jonassen Remix) 05:16
    08 Rotormesser (Serge Geyzel Remix) 05:34
    09 MKSTX Lotus (V4R1 Rebloom) 05:20
    10 Aureolin (Mezolozyde Rock It Remix) 03:55

    Release date || April 21, 2023

  • Music by || Axel Ebert, Michael Ebert
    Remixes by || Cocktail Party Effect, Ex.Hale, HoeHLE, Karsten Pflum, Mezolozyde, Ravn Jonassen, Serge Geyzel, The Ebertbrothers, Ultra Deep Field, V4R1
    Mastered by || Lukas Turza @ Snapmastering
    Artwork by || Axel Ebert, Michael Ebert
    Format || Digital

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