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    Pat Flanders is DJ, promoter and manager of the Berlin-based electronic music label Mindwaves Music.

    Since 2003 he has been playing as a DJ at public events, whereby his affinity to extraordinary sound worlds is unmistakable.
    In his rare solo DJ sets he usually presents a cross-section of many genres within electronic music - always with a clear preference for broken beats and subliminal emotionality and experimentalism.

    In 2007 he organized the first event for experimental electronic live music at the Berghain Kantine Berlin, which developed into a series of events at various locations in the city.
    Since then, he has been responsible for the development of various event formats in Berlin's nightlife.

    This resulted in subsequent projects on an international level, including, for example, being instrumental in the development and realisation of two festivals and also curating programs for some.

    From mid-2019 he was mainly responsible for the musical transformation at one of the most traditional and established electronic music clubs in Berlin and has been its program director ever since.

    He is also half of the DJ duo ChillinBerlin and curator of the Mindcast series and other podcasts/mix series.

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