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  • The Ebertbrothers - Yahtzee (Ultra Deep Field Remix)

    "Yahtzee" is the first single release from the Ebertbrothers' upcoming album, which features remix versions of their previously released record "Polymer Boulevard". Ultra Deep Field grabbed the nervous original version of “Yahtzee” and gave it a very generous chill pill, turning it into a broad downtempo landscape with lots of detail, vocal samples and melancholic undertones. It [...]

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    Mindcast.62 || Pλяλпd

    Episode 62 is the first mix by Berlin DJ & producer PΛЯΛПD (Parand) here at Mindcast, but most probably not the last. The classical pianist discovered her passion for electronic music early on and began experimenting with producing tracks and DJing. As can be heard in numerous releases on labels like: ZwaarteKracht, Crobot Muzik, Diffuse Reality, No Way Back and [...]

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    Mindcast.61 || The Ebertbrothers

    After almost five years, THE EBERTBROTHERS return to Mindcast with one of their eclectic time travels through the musical underground. We're thrilled to present another of their exceptional mixtapes - not only because they're always packed with tasty gems, but also because it's a great way to shorten the wait for their next album Polymer Boulevard, expected here on Mindwaves Music in [...]

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