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  • The Ebertbrothers - Polymer Boulevard Remixes

    As The Ebertbrothers' previous releases and their Mindcast DJ mixes show, the two brothers are fascinated by a wide variety of musical genres. So the idea of having all the tracks from their current album "Polymer Boulevard" remixed by selected artists, each at home in a different genre, was an obvious one. However, all of them are united in their love for music, far away from the [...]

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    The Ebertbrothers - Yahtzee (Ultra Deep Field Remix)

    "Yahtzee" is the first single release from the Ebertbrothers' upcoming album, which features remix versions of their previously released record "Polymer Boulevard". Ultra Deep Field grabbed the nervous original version of “Yahtzee” and gave it a very generous chill pill, turning it into a broad downtempo landscape with lots of detail, vocal samples and melancholic undertones. It [...]

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