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  • Karsten Pflum - Slaphead Faun

    When Karsten Pflum started making music about 12 years ago, he was using the moniker Slaphead Faun, but when his first releases were hitting the shelves in 2002 he discarded the name again. Since 2002 Pflum has released three albums, but now Slaphead Faun is back, although this time as the name of an album. This album is a collection of bastard tunes produced between 2002 and 2007; they are [...]

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    Karsten Pflum

    Karsten Pflum is a Danish producer of electronic music, living and working in Copenhagen. Pflum has been releasing music since 2002 on various labels such as Worm Interface (UK), Rump Recordings (Denmark), Ad Noiseam, Hymen, Suburban Trash and Mindwaves Music (Germany). His music embraces different electronic genres - from ambient, melodic soothing electronica, heavy drill n' bass, to complex IDM [...]

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