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  • Killekill meets Mindlab

    The first highlight of the month is right at the beginning: Mindwaves Music meets Killekill and has three live acts on the bill that move freely between electronica, idm and techno. Bjørn Svin and Karsten Pflum both released on Mindwaves in March and April. The Ebertbrothers are working on their first album for the label and teasing their new material for us. A maximum musical experience [...]

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    Killekill Summercamp 2013

    The second date of the Summercamp will be hosted by Crazy Language and Mindwaves Music. Both Berlin labels stand for a very experimental approach to electronic music. IDM, electro, ambient, dubstep, electronica, 8-bit, abstract/experimental - anything goes on this evening. And the artists represented are very promising! SOFUS FORSBERG, the Danish "Aphex Twin"; KARSTEN PFLUM, who recently [...]

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