• Killekill Summercamp 2013

  • Mindwaves Music meets Crazy Language @ Killekill Summercamp || Mi, 17.07.2013

    The second date of the Summercamp will be hosted by Crazy Language and Mindwaves Music.
    Both Berlin labels stand for a very experimental approach to electronic music.
    IDM, electro, ambient, dubstep, electronica, 8-bit, abstract/experimental - anything goes on this evening.
    And the artists represented are very promising!

    SOFUS FORSBERG, the Danish "Aphex Twin"; KARSTEN PFLUM, who recently released an album on Hymen; RALP, 8-bit veteran from Barcelona and HURON, who impresses with his sophisticated sound design, will all be playing live. Modular synthesisers meet circuit bended machines - something for the ears and for the eyes. Where else can you see real live electronic instruments these days?
    AXIOM and CHILLINBERLIN will play selected IDM/Dubstep/Electro tunes.
    SARGE GRAFX, responsible for much of the cover artwork and some of the music videos for Crazy Language, will be providing the visuals for the evening with GESO, mastermind behind the fantastic and soon to be legendary Belio magazine.
    A great line-up!

    audio ||
    AXIOM [crazy language, killekill]
    CHILLINBERLIN [mindwaves music]
    HURON [crazy language, raumklang music] *live*
    KARSTEN PFLUM [mindwaves music, hymen] *live*
    RALP [crazy language, lowtoy] *live*
    SOFUS FORSBERG [mindwaves music, jenka] *live*

    visual ||
    GESO [belio mgz]
    SARGE GRAFX [crazy language]

    location ||
    Am Wriezener Bahnhof
    10243 Berlin

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