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    11 Jun 2024
    IDM @ X

    On 28 June, the Institut für (X) is dedicating an entire evening to Intelligent Dance Music (IDM). Together with local DJ and music collector P(h)onyCat as curator, they have put together a line-up for music lovers, but also for long-established fans of the genre.  We're also celebrating the 20th anniversary of ChillinBerlin and the host's birthday. So if you're into [...]

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    10 Years Mindwaves Music @ Suicide Berlin

    Thursday // 25.05.2017 // 23:50 ▲Club Floor ROB HALL [Skam, Gescom] P-HOCTO [Don’t, Skirmish] AXIOM [Crazy Language, Skizze] ▲10 years Mindwaves Music Floor BADUN [Schematic Music, Mindwaves Music] live KARSTEN PFLUM [Hymen, Mindwaves Music] live SOFUS FORSBERG [Mindwaves Music] live BUNAI CARUS [Mindwaves Music] live SERGE GEYZEL [Mindwaves Music] live CHILLINBERLIN [Mindwaves Music][...]

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