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  • AcidBob

    AcidBob is one of Daniel Nikolaj Sand's moniker. We know him here from Mindcast and also from the Pnyø VA.
    He has been making music since 2005 and has performed under various pseudonyms - both with his own compositions and as a DJ at events such as Elektronisk Jazzjuice, Aarhus Lydfestival, Stubnitz, Freqs of Nature and most recently the Aarhus Syhavns Festival.
    At the upcoming event, AcidBob will interweave IDM, electronica and his own productions, exploring sub-genres that take the listener on a journey through intricate, enigmatic rhythms accompanied by ethereal melodies and soundscapes.
    Expect nothing, appreciate everything.
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  • Astrodyssey

    With roots in the electronic music scene of Aarhus in the early 2000’s Mikkel Grann aka. Astrodyssey has been weaving melodic compositions on the Nintendo-DS. (check him on our compilation Pnyø)
    Translating emotions and sensations into hieroglyphs of sounds and beats.
    With 16-step, repetitive patterns without beginning or end that move further and further into the horizon of the inner ear.
    Due to the very limited possibilities of the Nintendo DS, Astrodyssey has found a universe within itself. His compositions often cross genres, but rarely go beyond the realms of acid, ambient and IDM.
    We are delighted that Astrodyssey is returning to the city where it all began two decades ago.
  • ChillinBerlin

    Pat Flanders and Jus10 aka ChillinBerlin are a DJ team since 2004 - known for presenting high quality electronica: from ambient spheres to earth-shaking basslines, mind-altering glitches, to dirty but dancefloor-moving beats.
    As intense music nerds, both bring a profound knowledge of various experimental beats. Always influenced by, but never limited to, the underground electronic music style of their hometown Berlin.
    But Aarhus always has a special place in their hearts, as they have been connected from the beginning with the music scene from here, by now for more than 20 years. A long overdue reunion, for their 20th anniversary.
  • Karsten Pflum

    Karsten Pflum is a restless creative Danish musician who has built a wide-ranging discography, releasing music since 2002 on various labels such as Rump records, Worm Interface, Touched Music, Central Processing Unit, Tripalium corp & Mindwaves-Music.
    His music varies from heavy and funky beat driven IDM & acidy electro, abstract sound scapes and beautiful ambient, combining lush ambiences with complex programming and treatment. The Pflum Sound is poignant, quiky and sophisticated.
    He has played on numerous festivals, organized and performed live shows, but nothings like playing back in the home climes.
  • Luni

    LUNI is the alias of Aarhus-based DJ and producer Lui Rosenkrantz - a stalwart in the city's electronic underground scene for over a decade.
    As a former co-owner of the renowned nightclub Double Rainbow and as grandfather of FEUM, LUNI brings a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of electronic music to the stage.
    LUNI's sonic palette traverses the diverse realms of electronic music. Be captivated as LUNI weaves a dark tapestry of beats, creating an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary and delves into the depths of sonic exploration. For this event LUNI is cooking up a special IDM Dj set.