• Mindcast.59 || Rexob.B

  • MINDCAST.59 || REXOB.B - Mindcast Mixtape 11/2020

    Let's face it, the year 2020 has not developed as most people had thought or hoped in advance.
    Of course, this also affected us here at MWM and gave us a lot of extra work, unfortunately mostly with non-label related projects, so that our beloved music home delivery service Mindcast fell by the wayside.
    All the more we are happy that we can finally release the next episode and no longer have to withhold the long finished mix of REXOB.B from you. 

    Behind the moniker Rexob.B we find Århus-based midi aficionado and bedroom producer Daniel Nikolaj Sand.
    Daniel has covered various genres and styles, from ambient to acid-idm to jungle, all driven mainly by his passion for technology, but especially for analog synthesizers.
    For more than a decade he has been immersing himself in the world of modularity, using it as a source of inspiration and also as a kind of technical mentor in the studio.
    Daniel explains: Over the years, he has come to appreciate the joy of using instruments that bring immediacy and a simpler approach to making music, while using the computer primarily as a recording, FX and editing tool.

    Daniel's fascination for electronic music began in the early nineties, which can also be heard in his selections and productions, such as his first mix for Mindcast about 6-7 years ago under the then name Drumatix.
    He had already prepared the current episode for us at the end of 2019, which you can clearly read from his description for the mix:

    "About the mix, truth is, im not a good DJ I am told, but people seem to like my selection of tracks and the energy. For this particular mix I have tried to bring you into a festive mood - I imagine you being with a bunch of friends prepping for party, and this mix might be able to set the vibe of the evening. I absolutely love a good bass line and a melodic adventure and I hope you will too."

    Tracklist ||
    01 Harold Williamson - Children Talking (Rexob.B Edit) [Music For Pleasure, 1968]
    02 MNLTH - Meadow [Organic Analogue Records, 2016]
    03 Anothernonagon - Halo [Not On Label, 2019]
    04 Dopefist - Nice Dreams [Gated Recordings, 2019]
    05 Rexob.B - Conficker [Not On Label, 2019]
    06 P1nkf1re - Pz+tbl101t7 [134.0] [Not On Label, 2019]
    07 Guavid - Zuber67 [Analogical Force, 2017]
    08 Koova - Code [Brokntoys, 2015]
    09 Low Orbit Satellite - Monmay [Kahvi Collective, 2012]
    10 Arctor - Soulless [Tremors, 2019]
    11 Shinra - Automatic [WIDE, 2010]
    12 Sync 24 - Resynth [Cultivated Electronics, 2008]
    13 Junq - From Below [Cultivated Electronics, 2008]
    14 JTC - In Transit (DMX Krew Remix) [Cultivated Electronics, 2014]
    15 Cignol - Semiprimes [Lunar Disko Records, 2018]
    16 Module 3F - Gas Giant [Electro Music Coalition, 2018]
    17 James Shinra - Arc [Feel My Bicep, 2019]
    18 Dwaallicht - Sigil 118 [Analogical Force, 2016]
    19 Bot1500 - Rainy Day [Analogical Force, 2018]
    20 SIM80 - Medbay [Detroit Underground, 2019]
    21 Sound Synthesis - Missing You [Nebulae Records, 2019]
    22 EBE-2 - Waves Of Time [Noise To Meet You, 2019]
    23 Millie & Andrea - Temper Tantrum [Modern Love, 2014]
    24 Odan - Hop Up [Clockwave Records, 2013]
    25 Luca Lozano - The Path Of Most Resistance [Super Rhythm Trax, 2016]
    26 Randomer - Smokin [L.I.E.S. Records, 2017]
    27 C Mantle - Con-fusion (Blackmass Plastics Remix) [Acre Recordings, 2014]
    28 Dare Balogun - We Could Have Had Brunch (Goldefish's Breaks For Brunch Remix) [Gated Recordings, 2019]
    29 Luca Lozano - Outer Space [Super Rhythm Trax, 2015]

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