• Mindcast.06 // Drumatix

  • MINDCAST.06 // DRUMATIX - Mindcast Mixtape 10/2013

    We're delighted to bring you the sounds of Daniel Nikolaj Sand aka DRUMATIX to Mindcast as he shares with us his eclectic taste for EDM.

    The artist lately played at Denmark's Århus Lydfestival, where his live set demonstrated a constantly - evolving style as a music maker.
    A self - confessed modular addict, the synthesiser remains his biggest vice. Electro - techno and Kraftwerk - inspired sounds are partly to blame.

    For this special episode of Mindcast however, genres will be taking a back seat while he serves up a selection of his all - time - favourite classics, and some new gems that are well worth a listen. Enjoy.

    Tracklist //
    01 Arpanet - Entrophic Decay [Rephlex]
    02 Dopplereffekt - Gene Silencing [Leisure System]
    03 North Manc Beds - Peob OKZ6423 [33]
    04 Black Narcissus X - Paro Taktsang [Signals]
    05 Photodementia - Postpre [Photodementia]
    06 Rutherford - Closure [Kondi]
    07 Elektroids - Perpetual Motion [Moon Records]
    08 Underground Resistance - Infiltrator (Birds Away Mix) [Underground Resistance]
    09 DJ Stingray 313 - No Knock [WéMè Records]
    10 DJ Skurge - Electrocuter (Throw The Switch) [Underground Resistance]
    11 The Infiltrator - They Will Never Know [Underground Resistance]
    12 Agent Chaos - Cosmic Osmosis [Underground Resistance]
    13 Drexciya - Aqua Jujidsu [Clone Classic Cuts]
    14 Dynarec - Capital Sins [Electrix Records]
    15 EDMX - Frozen Stomp [Power Vacuum]

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