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  • Mindcast.63 || Pat Flanders

    || Mindcast Mix Recording by Pat Flanders, 01/2024. More info: https://mindwaves-music.com/mindcast

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    Mindcast.63 || Pat Flanders

    Imagine an enchanting sunset gracing the pristine beaches of Rügen, savored within the confines of a splendid beach bar boasting a remarkable sound system, featuring a walk-in subwoofer. Just when you think it can't get any cooler, the rain starts, slowly turning the scene into a dark, cinematic night with a thunderstorm. This recording captures the essence of a late summer evening in 2023 [...]

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    The Ebertbrothers - Polymer Boulevard Remixes

    As The Ebertbrothers' previous releases and their Mindcast DJ mixes show, the two brothers are fascinated by a wide variety of musical genres. So the idea of having all the tracks from their current album "Polymer Boulevard" remixed by selected artists, each at home in a different genre, was an obvious one. However, all of them are united in their love for music, far away from the [...]

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