• Mindcast.56 || Karsten Pflum

  • MINDCAST.56 // KARSTEN PFLUM - Mindcast Mixtape 04/2019

    With issue fifty six we are happy to welcome back our homie KARSTEN PFLUM. With his meanwhile fifth installment for Mindcast we now could call him a regular. 

    Fans of the series therefore do not need a further introduction, but we’d like to share some recent news with you:
    Jacob (aka Karsten Pflum, Karen Lust or Slaphead Faun) just dropped the splendid „City Of Thieves EP“ via the highly acclaimed Furthur Electronix label. The limited vinyl versions got sold out within hours! For those who are interested, you can stream and download the EP (here).
    Also at the end of last year, the first EP of "A Dying User", the collaboration project with Monolog, was released via Subtrakt

    But back to the mixtape, which Jacob described as follows:
    "The mix features some of my personal favorite tunes at the moment, new and old, from friends and idols, old and new. It's always great to include favorites in a bigger context, trying to create a red thread, but still not worrying too much about genres and styles"

    Tracklist //
    01 Jedi Knights - Public Funk (Live) [Warp Records, 1995]
    02 Karsten Pflum - Byens Lys [Not On Label]
    03 Metamatics - Bodypop [Shipwrec, 2017]
    04 MNLTH - Charmy [Not On Label, 2016]
    05 Rolando Simmons - Cycle [Analogical Force, 2018]
    06 FunkinEven - Heart Pound [Eglo Records, 2013]
    07 Karsten Pflum - Furthuracid [Furthur Electronix, 2019]
    08 Tysk Raider - Nihil [Not On Label, 2016]
    09 Aleksi Perälä - Nl-L56-18-07474 [Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB), 2019]
    10 Justin Cudmore - Forget It [The Bunker New York, 2017]
    11 Dwaallicht - Humidex [Analogical Force, 2016]
    12 The Black Dog - Virtual [Soma Quality Recordings, 2007]
    13 LJ Kruzer - Huba (Plaid's 15 Years Lost Remix) [Uncharted Audio, 2008]
    14 EOD - The Fishmen Arrive [Rephlex, 2013]
    15 Skee Mask - Dial 274 [Ilian Tape, 2018]
    16 Anodyne - Reflections Of A Broken Soul_Mr76ix FixtSoulMix [Analogical Force, 2016]
    17 Stenny - P-Zone [Ilian Tape, 2017]
    18 Karsten Pflum - D-Wolf [Furthur Electronix, 2019]
    19 Rolando Simmons - Saughton Mains [Not On Label, 2015]
    20 Karsten Pflum - Pollenpark [Tender Productions, 2004]
    21 Nynack - 6 Minus 23 [Onrecords, 2003]

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