• Mindcast.41 // Karsten Pflum

  • MINDCAST.41 // KARSTEN PFLUM - Mindcast Mixtape 11/2017

    Our homie KARSTEN PFLUM is back with his meanwhile fourth installment for the Mindcast series.
    As in one of the previous editions (Mindcast.21) it's about celebrating a new release.
    On 24th November his brand new album "Love Canticles" will be unleashed on the welsh label Touched Music

    Love Canticles is a solid collection of squelch, rattle and drop - guaranteed to please our followers and make your feet tap. Kicking off with a dissonance that plays with your expectations of melody, the whole thing is solidified with a strong mix of conventional and broken rhythms.
    Technical precision marks many of the tracks, 'I Am Ice' being a perfect example with ambience and crisp sounds aplenty, living up to its name. Not being satisfied with throwing a well-styled reworking into the mix top finish off the release, much-loved UK producer Ochre steps up and has offered his mastering & remixing skills to polish this great album.
    Ochre's not the only remixer here, with contributions from ISANHumanoid (aka Brain Dougans, one half of The Future Sound Of London) in the final stretch, the change is noticable but well within the bounds of what Pflum has set out to do.

    All-in-all this is a spacious & thoughtful piece of work that carries on Karsten Pflum's tradition of style-melding and refusing to sit in one box, same as this sonic mixtape. 

    Tracklist //
    01 Rabit - Possessed [Halcyon Veil, 2017]
    02 Si Begg - Isometric Projection [Shitkatapult, 2017]
    03 Si Begg - Energieerzeugung [Shitkatapult, 2017]
    04 Finfrig - Tune The Birds [Caoutchou Recordings, 2017]
    05 Floating Points - Nespole [Pluto, 2015]
    06 Unknown Artist - Twels [Touched Music, 2015]
    07 Ariadne's Labyrinth - Tiny Car [Touched Music, 2017]
    08 Alek Stark - Singularity [Fundamental Records, 2015]
    09 Legowelt - Whatever Happened To Surfhouse [Clone West Coast Series, 2017]
    10 Dynamic Wave - Xenomorph [Dynamicwave.it, 2006]
    11 Tysk Raider - XOS [Aura Expansion, 2017]
    12 Slashing Cousin - 1404 [Skam, 2015]
    13 Special Request - Catacombs [Houndstooth, 2017]
    14 Wen - Plinkz [Big Dada Recordings, 2017]
    15 DJ Nigga-Fox - Weed [Príncipe, 2013]
    16 Horsepower Productions - Legends [Tempa, 2016]
    17 Ray Tracing - JP-8 ∙ 88 [Irdial Discs, 1991]

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