• Mindcast.22 // Midori Hirano

  • MINDCAST.22 // MIDORI HIRANO ‎- Mindcast Mixtape 06/2015

    We are very excited to release another enchanting mix by MIDORI HIRANO, which is her second contribution to Mindcast by now. After listening you will know why we have invited her again.
    Midori is a Japanese musician, composer, sound artist and producer, born in Kyoto and now based in Berlin.
    She has released two albums on Midi Creative/Noble (Japan) and an EP on Christopher Willits' Overlap (USA).
    Her second album “Klo:Youri” saw her further develop her sound, garnering critical acclaim from various medias of the world including TIME Magazine, BBC radio programs and such.
    Midori has just released her third (limited tape editions) album "And I Am Here" via Staaltape, the cassette label of Staalplaat.

    In addition to her primary project as Midori Hirano which is based on acoustic instrumentation drawing melodic shapes and harmonies, she is doing another music project under the name of MimiCof, focusing on electronics and beat production, which extends her range of music.
    Under her MimiCof moniker, she has released two well-received albums, “RundSkipper“ (2011) and “KotoLyra“ (2012) on PROGRESSIVE FOrM (Japan), and an EP called "re:construction" where she remixed herself.
    You can see her live during the "Heroines Of Sound" Festival in Berlin, which takes place from 10-12 July at Radial System V, but for now - enjoy the mix ;-)

    Tracklist //
    01 Midori Hirano - Before Going To Bed [Staaltape, 2015]
    02 Akiko Kiyama - Future Clock [Kebko Music, 2015]
    03 TCF - F8 5E BB 63 94 B5 17 BA 74 AC 11 EE 33 86 B2 7E 93 E0 E4 AA B4 CF 1F 64 [Liberation Technologies, 2014]
    04 Yosi Horikawa - Bump [First Word Records, 2013]
    05 Arthur Russell - Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun / Let's See [Upside Records, 1986]
    06 Hymie's Basement - America Too [Lex Records, 2003]
    07 Midori Hirano - Aros [Overlap, 2011]
    08 Patten - Drift [Warp Records, 2014]
    09 Space Dimension Controller - 2257 AD [R & S Records, 2011]
    10 MimiCof - Microscopic Reconstruction [Self-Released, 2015]
    11 Liars - Left Speaker Blown (MimiCof Remix) [Mute, 2014]
    12 Actress - Our [Werk Discs, Ninja Tune, 2014]
    13 Okkyung Lee - Kung [Tzadik, 2010]
    14 Aphex Twin - Piano Un1 Arpej [Warp Records, 2015]
    15 Ornate Coldtrain - Do You Hear ? [Hprizm, 2015]
    16 Space Dimension Controller - Pulsovian Invasion [R & S Records, 2011]
    17 Schneider TM - Elefantenhaut [Bureau B, 2013]
    18 COH - Bond Number [Editions Mego, 2014]
    19 Sonae - Überwindung [Monika Enterprise, 2015]
    20 Midori Hirano - Secret Aria On The Piano [Staaltape, 2015]

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