• Mindcast.03 // Midori Hirano

  • MINDCAST.03 // MIDORI HIRANO - Mindcast Mixtape 05/2013

    We are stoked to present this month´s episode of the MINDCAST series, a diverse and entertaining mix of contemporary electronica, compiled by the multi talented artist MIDORI HIRANO.

    Midori is a Japanese musician, composer, sound artist and producer, born in Kyoto and now based in Berlin. She has released two albums on Midi Creative/Noble (Japan) and an EP on Christopher Willits' Overlap (USA). Her second album “Klo:Youri” saw her further develop her sound, garnering critical acclaim from various medias of the world including TIME Magazine, BBC radio programs and such.

    In addition to her primary project as Midori Hirano which is based on acoustic instrumentation drawing melodic shapes and harmonies, she is doing another music project under the name of MimiCof, focusing on electronics and beat production, which extends her range of music. Under her MimiCof moniker, she has released two well-received albums “RundSkipper“ (2011) and “KotoLyra“ (2012) on PROGRESSIVE FOrM (Japan).

    Tune in, enjoy and keep following ;-)

    Tracklist //
    01 Mergrim - Unending Chain feat. Yuanyuan
    02 Richard Devine - Varseop
    03 Rubyorla - Arabesque
    04 Mergrim - La Femme Chinoise (YMO Rewake)
    05 Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe - Nanotrees (Out In The Woods)
    06 DJ Attaché & The Beige Oscillator - Untitled
    07 Stewart Walker - Days Before Rebirth
    08 Ametsub - Muffled Blue
    09 Marc Leclair - 236e Jour
    10 Frank Bretschneider - Other Days, Other Eyes
    11 Lorn - What's The Use
    12 MimiCof - Microscopium
    13 Seiji Takahashi - Gion
    14 Eraldo Bernocchi & Thomas Fehlmann - Cut In Half
    15 Atom™ & Masaki Sakamoto - Body Chop
    16 Atom™ & Masaki Sakamoto - Cosmoparticlefunk (Second Movement)
    17 Com.A - All My Loving To
    18 Machine Drum feat. Melo-X - Let It (Kid606 Remix)
    19 MimiCof - Tunnel Dub Reconstruction
    20 Segeke - Whit
    21 Ametsub - Precipice Drive
    22 Daisuke Tanabe - Artificial Sweetener
    23 Grischa Lichtenberger - 1110_01_lv_1b
    24 Akiko Kiyama - Der Wald Erzählt Geschichte
    25 Doddodo - Monzoku Akemaru
    26 Kidkanevil - One For Tokyo

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