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    Fizzling the borders between different worlds of music, Berlin-based musician, Serge Geyzel originates from a classical and jazz music background.
    Born in Saratov, Russia, the musician dedicated 12 years of his life to the study of classical music, with a specific focus on the piano.

    New directions in life and music arrived with a move to Israel in 1999 where he fell in love with the jazz scene. It was here that he embarked upon a new journey, studying jazz piano at the Jerusalem Music Academy while playing gigs with his trio and various modular ensembles.

    His fascinating journey transported him from a background of traditional music into the limitless world of electronic music production as he began to experiment with software for producing new sounds.
    An exceptional standard of music production has been the end result.

    Serge continues to live, compose and perform live music in Berlin and produce since 2018 under the moniker Hostage.

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