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  • Various Artists - Psycrowdelica/Home Edition

    Our second release is a collaboration with the festival PsyCrowdelica. The double digipack is made of one disc psytrance (by PsyCrowdelica) and the other downbeat electronica (by Mindwaves-Music) in the familiar musical taste. On both discs is a mix of newcomern and top artists of their genres to reflect the outstanding atmosphere of this extraordinary event and give us the chance to experience it[...]

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    Various ‎Artists - Mindwaves Plantation

    Our first release "Mindwaves Plantation" includes 10 (plus bonus) carefully chosen tracks from artists around the globe. Their views of the electronic dub worlds weave a groovy and slippery ride through different fields of electronica and bestows an extraordinary chill-out, as well offering the luxury to lean back and relax while listening:)01 Molokow - Hydroponic Circuit (Mountain King Mix) [...]

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