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  • Mindcast.04 // ChillinBerlin

    // Mindcast Mix Recording 06/2013. More info: https://mindwaves-music.com/mindcast

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    Mindcast.04 // ChillinBerlin

    This month´s episode in our series comes from CHILLINBERLIN. Jus10 and Pat Flanders aka ChillinBerlin are active as a DJ-Team since 2004 and known to present electronica from earthshaking dub step basses, over mind tweeting idm glitches, up to dirty but dance floor-moving break or techno beats. Their spectrum is as wide as it appears, because they are intense music nerds who both bring [...]

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    Pat Flanders and Jus10 aka ChillinBerlin have been a DJ team since 2004 - known for presenting high quality electronica: from ambient spheres to earth shaking bass lines, from mind altering glitches to dirty, moving beats. As distinct music nerds, both bring a deep knowledge of diverse experimental beats. Always influenced by, but never limited to, the electronic music style of the [...]

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