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  • Mindlab.02 || So, 10.05.2009

    Mindwaves Music presents "Badun - Last Night Sleep" Album Release!

    We're coming back to our favourite living room to celebrate a new milestone with you: the release of Badun's masterpiece "Last Night Sleep".
    Of course, we had to set the bar high and didn't let ourselves get carried away.
    Our favorite canteen will be dressed up accordingly so that we can celebrate this 5-star musical menu appropriately.

    audio ||
    iTAL tEK [planet mu - UK] *live*
    BADUN [merry x-mas records, mindwaves music - DK] *live*
    BJØRN SVIN [rump recordings - DK] *live*
    KARSTEN PFLUM [rump, suburban trash, ad noiseam - DK] *live*
    NVSBL PPL [stella polaris - DK] *live*
    SOFUS FORSBERG [mindwaves music, jenka - DK]
    CHILLINBERLIN [mindwaves music]

    artwork + visual ||
    I-ON [pitumpitum, DK]
    SPOKO-OKO [bönisch art]
    G´ANJA FREAKTILE [freaktile predictions]

    location ||
    Am Wriezener Bahnhof
    10243 Berlin

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