• Mindlab.01

  • Mindlab.01 || So, 07.12.2008

    Mindwaves-Music meets Rump Recordings and City Centre Offices!

    We are delighted to celebrate the launch of our new Mindlab event series with you, not only in this legendary location, but also with an exquisite line-up of specialists in their field.
    Rumpistol will be presenting its new, highly acclaimed album, and sound tinkerers Bjørn Svin and Sofus Forsberg will be traveling from Denmark with their machine parks.
    CCO chief secretary Thaddi, as well as Upitup allstar Drone and of course the homies ChillinBerlin will also be playing - an all night musical treat is guaranteed.

    audio ||
    RUMPISTOL [rump recordings - DK] *live*
    BJØRN SVIN [rump recordings - DK] *live*
    SOFUS FORSBERG [mindwaves music, jenka - DK] *live*
    DRONE [upitup] *live*
    THADDI [city centre offices, de:bug, radio fritz]
    CHILLINBERLIN [mindwaves music]

    artwork + visual ||
    PERNILLE [pernille krog mogensen - DK]
    RUNE [bottega areté - DK]

    location ||
    Am Wriezener Bahnhof
    10243 Berlin