• Rituals x Mindlab


    The Event will start with an exhibition by Hagar Faibish, an artist and animation director from Israel. Her art is very intuitive, with elements of absurdity and nonsense, mixed with an underlying melancholic tone.
    In the process of creating her artworks she is always looking for the right balance between communication and self reflection, aesthetics and composition. Her works include hand drawn animations, mixed media printing and sculpture.
    On this pop up exhibition she will present for the first time some personal drawings taken from her sketch book, previously and upcoming cover artworks, as well as a selection of some of her mixed media prints.


    P(h)onyCat is the moniker of Matilde Møller - a DJ, promoter and music lover based in Aarhus Denmark, who will play during the exhibition at the garden tent. 
    Her background as a pianist and singer has lead to a profound passion for abstract melodies and quirky beats.
    Matilde has an unending urge to search for new music and artists, as well as mixing old and new with a critical ear and her personal taste, never dictated by genres or fashion hype. She approaches every DJ set as a storyteller and focuses on creating a connection between the tracks and integrity in the mix.


    The club floor will be opened by Mars Leder, a Berlin based Dj, passionate digger and vinyl enthusiast.
    Flying under the radar for the last years he likes to play various styles of contemporary club music, from electro and breaks to house and techno, always with a big love for interesting rhythms and broken beats.

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    Since 2008 Vertical67 has been releasing a steady amount of tracks on EP's and albums on labels like brokntoys, Photic Fields, Lunar Disko, 100% Silk, Magic Waves and on Mechatronicas digital sub label.
    Not bound to one genre at all, Vertical67’s music often fuses elements of electro, acid, IDM, techno and ambient into his own take on electronic music, often packed with emotion, with some added funk here and there. In 2015 he co-initiated his own label with his partner Naks: Vortex Traks, on which he released 2 EPs so far while the label also released music by artists such as Automatic Tasty, Morphology, Mesak and more.
    Vertical67's live performance should be perfect to get us in the right mindset for the following EOD show.

  • EOD

    Born in Trondheim, Norway, Stian Gjevik is a rarity amongst electronic music producers. Possibly the most interesting musician representing the braindance and IDM sounds of today, EOD's productions have landed on labels like We´Me` Records, sleepers, cpu, 030303 and Aphex Twin's highly respected Rephlex. Dropping on bbbbbb in 2017, his 'Swurlk EP' sold out within a month and received support from Aphex Twin, Bicep, Bjarki, Nina Kraviz and many more.
    Last year EOD released his mind-bending fifteen track debut album on Bjarki's bbbbbb. 
    A must-listen for fans of sublime synth-driven cuts, otherworldly beatless affairs and frenetic, machine- driven jams. EOD will perform a 1,5 hour live set.


    Taking over from EOD? There was only one option for us, our very own Briain!
    Whether it’s apart of the multidisciplinary format of the well-regarded Skizze curations or stepping up alongside label-mates for Mindwaves Music, Briain is able to showcase an incredibly broad palette of soundscapes.
    What is consistently represented throughout all of his sets is an acute eye for IDM, experimental, jungle and numerous sub-categories of techno, all meticulously presented in the proper context for the listener to enjoy. As we mentioned before, best option for the closing duties.

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