• Mindcast.51 // NiKi K

  • MINDCAST.51 // NIKI K - Mindcast Mixtape 10/2018

    For our October issue of Mindcast, we invited the Irish-born NIKI K, a talented DJ and promoter currently living in Berlin.

    Niki is a true purveyor of cutting-edge, deep and contagious grooves with a rich background history in dance music. In Ireland she used to host many successful club nights and festivals, such as Macronite and Bump! Muzik Festival.
    Her musical style comes from quite a variety of background influences, which translates in the eclectic sets she performs, bringing together elements of the music which she enjoys the most. Currently Niki is a resident DJ at Skizze Berlin, where she continues to hone her craft regularly.

    Here are a few words from Niki about her mix, enjoy:
    "I started my journey with Techno, but I have always enjoyed exploring genres that resonated with me as I experienced them.
    My influences at the moment are a combination of looking back over the sounds that I dipped into in my 1st couple years of DJ’ing, such as Dubstep and Jungle, but also since moving to Berlin and discovering further at festivals such as AtonalFreqs of Nature and spending time with the Skizze Crew. This mix is a combo of all of those, representing where I am at now, including tracks I have enjoyed for a while but had not found a chance to play out."

    Tracklist //
    01 Roll The Dice Meets Pole - Calling Dub Workers [Leaf, 2012]
    02 Pessimist - SPRTLZM [Pessimist Productions, 2018]
    03 Rob Clouth - Islands Of Glass [Leisure System, 2014]
    04 Belief Defect - Submission Of Thought [Raster, 2017]
    05 Artificial Memory Trace - Telesensen Pt1 [Not On Label, 2018]
    06 Akkord - Rocendal [Houndstooth, 2013]
    07 Ancestral Voices - Invocations [Samurai Horo, 2015]
    08 Vessel - Red Sex [Tri Angle, 2014]
    09 Ténèbre - Axe Nord-Sud [WNCL Recordings, 2017]
    10 Melatonin Man - My Head Is A Tornado [Nous'klaer Audio, 2018]
    11 Skee Mask - Shred 08 [Ilian Tape, 2016]
    12 Felix K - Flower Of Destruction #6 [Hidden Hawaii LTD, 2013]
    13 The Flashbulb - Monolite [Not On Label, 2015]
    14 These Hidden Hands Feat. Lucrecia Dalt - These Moments Dismantled [Hidden Hundred, 2016]
    15 Fibla - Untitled (Barcelona Remix by Eedl) [spa.RK, 2004]
    16 Sangam - Felt Blue (Bakground Remix) [New Motion, 2018]
    17 Overmono - Daisy Chain [Poly Kicks, 2018]
    18 Machine Woman - 10.08.15 [Peder Mannerfelt, 2015]
    19 RX-101 - Saiph [Suction Records, 2017]

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