• Mindcast.48 // Frank Bretschneider

  • MINDCAST.48 // FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER - Mindcast Mixtape 07/2018

    After one month of a melting summer break we’re more then happy and proud to continue the MINDCAST series with an episode by legendary FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER, whom we admire and respect as an artist and as a person.
    In our eyes he doesn't need much of an introduction, but here are a few facts about him and his artistically milestones.

    Frank is a Berlin based musician, composer and video artist, who’s aesthetic got shaped and developed in his youth when he listened to pirate radio's and smuggled Beastie Boys tapes in the former East Germany.
    In 1984, after studying fine arts and collecting inspirations by science fiction radio plays and films he began experimenting with tape machines, synthesizers, and modified guitars.
    At the same time he started exploring the possibilities of exchange between visual art and music by various means such as film, video and computer graphics.

    1986 - Frank established his cassette label klangFarBe and founded AG Geige, a successful and influential East German underground band.
    Though limited to the East before the wall came down, they were invited to perform across Germany and internationally after 1989 and released three albums before splitting in 1993.
    Two years later Bretschneider and fellow AG Geige member Olaf Bender (aka Byetone) founded the Rastermusic record label which eventually merged with Carsten Nicolai’s Noton.archive to form Raster-Noton in 1999.
    Following the dissolution of Raster-Noton in May 2017, the label was reorganized as Raster-Media. Raster, which will continue to handle the back catalog of raster-noton, with the exception of the works of Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto), which will be handled by Noton.

    Frank Bretschneider’s musically work is known for precise sound placement, complex, interwoven rhythm structures and its minimal, flowing approach. Bretschneider’s subtle and detailed music is echoed by his visuals: perfect translated realizations of the qualities found in music within visual phenomena.
    Most of Bretschneider’s early solo albums - about half a dozen - were under the alias Komet. His first release, Saat, appeared in 1996 and got followed by many others on various labels (besides Raster-Noton) including 12k, Line, Mille Plateaux and Shitkatapult, which has published his latest album Lunik in beginning of this year.

    In this mix Frank put some of his long time favorites tunes together with a couple of currently unreleased tracks from his upcoming VA Sichten 1, which will be also the start of a compilation series where each edition will be curated by a different artist. Sichten 1 by Frank Bretschneider will be released on 21st September 2018 via Raster. ENJOY !!!

    Tracklist //
    01 Cliff Martinez - Thus Speak Thack The Wise [Milan, 2014]
    02 Dwall - Mercury Flake [Oaktopus, 2015]
    03 Eno / Wobble - Garden Recalled [All Saints, 1995]
    04 MimiCof - Love Control feat. HPRIZM [Raster, 2018]
    05 Yellow Magic Orchestra - O.K. [Eastworld, 1993]
    06 Friend - Rama Rally [Monolithic, 1998]
    07 Badun - Space Swamp [Mindwaves Music, 2009]
    08 Autechre - Second Bad Vilbel [Warp Records, 1995]
    09 Cut La Roc - Lyrical Lunatic (Edit) [E:Motion, 1997]
    10 Porter Ricks - Spoil [Mille Plateaux, 1997]
    11 YPY - Shadows [Nous, 2015]
    12 Black Rain & Shapednoise - Interceptor [Cosmo Rhythmatic, 2015]
    13 Gábor Lázár - ILS.1 [Presto!?, 2014]
    14 Async Sense - Drifting [Imbalance Recordings, 1995]
    15 2562 - Unbalance [Tectonic, 2009]
    16 LFO - El Ef Oh! [Warp Records, 1991]
    17 TM404 - 202/202/303/303/606 [Kontra-Musik, 2013]
    18 Paolino Canzoneri - Circuit0 [Nostress Netlabel, 2014]
    19 Sofus Forsberg - Venice Beach [Jenka Music, 2002]
    20 Benjamin Brunn - Coy [Raster, 2018]

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