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  • MINDCAST.47 // ERRORBEAUTY - Mindcast Mix Recording 05/2018

    Bulgarian born, London-Berlin based ERRORBEAUTY has been meticulously piecing together her impressive catalogue of releases since beginning Djing back in 2003 and we're very happy she found the time to record a mix for Mindcast.

    A professional flute musician by way of background, she gradually became drawn to electronic music’s intricately textured soundscapes - more specifically the broken, aggressive shades of Detroit Electro.
    In 2012 she moved to London where she started her musical journey as producer, meeting many artists whose music she's been collecting for ages, and rapidly appeared on the scene playing alongside Plaid, Mr Switch (4 times DMC Worldchampion), Andrea Parker, ADJ, Bitstream, Flint Kids to name a few. 

    Errorbeauty’s work continues to evolve and offers listeners a distinct reflection of Motor City’s relationship with the genre whilst demonstrating her own unique perspective of Electro, which brought her twice to the legendary Tresor Club for Berlin Atonal.
    Earlier this year she has performed at Berlin's underground well respected event series Skizze in OHM as well as Bold at Suicide Circus among other shows around Europe.

    Together with XOR12, she recently launched the new electro/techno record label Arkada Records. The first EP featuring T15DM and Errobeauty herself is to be released on July 15th this year.

    Tracklist //
    01 Electro Music Specialists - VRML [Satamile Records NYC, 2001]
    02 Scape One - Time Falls (Dynarec Remix) [Cultivated Electronics, 2011]
    03 Point B - Split [SCSI-AV, 2006]
    04 Bass Kittens & Single Cell Orchestra - Morgasm [Spacebar Sentiments, 2006]
    05 Exzakt - Second Wave (EMS Remix) [SatRx, 2005]
    06 Russell Haswell - Gas Attack (Dj Stingray Atropine Mix) [Diagonal, 2015]
    07 J.Manuel - Drive Fiction [Werk Music, 2018]
    08 The Exaltics - About Time [Cologne Underground Records, 2015]
    09 REALMZ - Hybrid 9 [Sonic Groove, 2018]
    10 Clatterbox - Data Stream [Frustrated Funk, 2011]
    11 E.V.A.C. - Terra [Napzzz Music, 2001]
    12 Phase Fatale - Under Marble [47, 2016]
    13 T15DM - Smex [Arkada, 2018]
    14 ADJ - Diesel Haze [Pyramid Transmission, 2018]
    15 AE35 - Electro Beat Stepper [Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings, 2004]
    16 Junq - Neutron Harmonics [Art Mechanical, 2013]

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