• Mindcast.46 // Onsy

  • MINDCAST.46 // ONSY - Mindcast Mixtape 04/2018

    The Egyptian electronic music producer ONSY drops an abstract and complex mix of ambient classics and contemporary experimental gems - lots of glitch and sound design with an atmospheric laid back vibe.

    Onsy first popped up on our radar when he released his highly recommended debut album „Freq 255“ on one of our favorite labels Schematic Music Company, beginning of 2017.
    Igloo Magazine's Pietro da Sacco reviewed the album and summarized it as follows: "Freq 255 manifests 7-tracks composed with utter style and finesse, its overarching nostalgic IDM charm is timeless."

    The in Cairo based producer creates music consisting slight clusters of experimental and abstract composition elements, subtle melodies and interventions of carefully designed sounds, with glitches that contribute to the beats.
    Recently Onsy became more curious about visual elements and their possibilities to interact with sounds. So he studied motion graphics to mix both together.

    We're curious and look forward to see and hear first results out of this and meanwhile lay back and listen to his first contribution for Mindcast.

    Tracklist //
    01 Onsy - &^&^%%(*^& [Not On Label]
    02 Brothomstates - cdak (Final Version) by Quite & orange [Pouet.net, 2010]
    03 Autechre - 32a_reflected [Warp Records, 2018]
    04 Shuttle358 - Fissure [12k, 2000]
    05 Dalglish - Hia De Kae [Record Label Records, 2013]
    06 Second Woman - Instant I [Tresor, 2018]
    07 Shuttle358 - Isonpgn [12k, 2000]
    08 Boards Of Canada - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country [Warp Records, 2000]
    09 Scald Rougish - 1:06:42 [Icasea, 2012]
    10 Scald Rougish - 2:13:59 [Icasea, 2012]
    11 Dalglish - 10.7.2005 [Highpoint Lowlife, 2011]
    12 Syndrone - Inch By Inch [Merck, 2004]
    13 Tim Hecker - Stags, Aircraft, Kings And Secretaries [Kranky, 2006]
    14 Autechre - all end [Warp Records, 2018]

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