• Mindcast.45 // RT.Teclemayer

  • MINDCAST.45 // RT.TECLEMAYER - Mindcast Mix Recording 03/2018

    Mindcast.45 is a fresh mix of electro and acid gems by the Spanish record enthusiast RT.Teclemayer.

    The now in Berlin based DJ and promoter originally has his musical roots in hiphop music but got raised and shaped in Andalusians breakbeat scene.
    After collaborating with Spectrum128 on a number of mix tapes and touring through Spanish clubs he finally ended up in Berlin, where he started to live from beginning of 2012.

    From there onwards RT.Teclemayer deeply dove into Berlins club scene and also began to work in a couple of popular venues.
    After some time he started to set up his own club nights under the name of Space Out, where he plays his strictly vinyl set’s alongside the likes of Alex Cliché, Manuela MayoralFormas and Artik.

    His mixes today range from electro breaks and braindance to fast and forward techno with a favor for analog synthesis. Enjoy RT.Teclemayer’s set, specially recorded for the Mindcast community.

    Tracklist //
    01 Vita - Dream In 9_4 [Frustrated Funk, 2013]
    02 Aphex Twin - CheetahT7b [Warp Records, 2016]
    03 PTU - A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day [трип, 2017]
    04 ITPDWIP - Someone Else Is Living At Her House Now [Frustrated Funk, 2016]
    05 Riccardo - Intothestruggles [Metropolita Recordings, 2016]
    06 214 - Lyle At Dawn [Frustrated Funk, 2015]
    07 AFX - Halibut Acid [Rephlex, 2005]
    08 DMX Krew - Laser Glove [Abstract Forms, 2016]
    09 Sync 24 & Luke Eargoggle - Broken Electronix [Mechatronica, 2016]
    10 Ceephax Acid Crew - The Zone [WéMè Records, 2017]
    11 Adapta - Vohx Continues V1 [Frustrated Funk, 2017]
    12 Pollon - Lost Souls [Scopex, 2000]
    13 ITPDWIP - Approaching [Frustrated Funk, 2016]
    14 Aphex Twin - CheetahT2 (Ld Spectrum) [Warp Records, 2016]
    15 Vita - The Ultimate Collapsing [Frustrated Funk, 2013]

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