• The Ebertbrothers – Susten Pass

  • MWM006, Susten Pass by The Ebertbrothers

    Panoramas and Particles

    The Ebertbrothers are Axel and Michael Ebert, an artist/composer duo living and working in Berlin. They started to collaborate in 2006, first creating video art pieces, then moving more towards a combination of visual & sound performances, which is now their main focus. So far they self-released several live recordings, an album and an EP, which are available for download.

    During a year of gigs throughout Europe in 2010 they refined and extended their sonic palette. “Susten Pass” showcases their broad range of composition skills, featuring both detailed, micro-edited studio tracks and raw, performance-inspired landscapes of sound.

    The album shifts between slow-motion sceneries (“Chrono”, “A perfect Fairytale” and “Commode”) and dark grinders like “Feature Film” and “Black String”. On the way it passes by electro-esque tracks like “Downrock Crooza” and “Risc Assembler” before taking a rest and having some beans & bacon at a lonely campfire (“Cowboy”). The album closes with the enthusiastic and shimmering “Susten Pass” and “Maitre du Village”.

    Track 14 is dedicated to the late Joe Papa from “Controlled Bleeding”.

  • Tracklist

    01 Cave Diving Tonight 06:20
    02 Risc Assembler 04:32
    03 SprayA 01:48
    04 Black String 03:05
    05 Mainspring 03:42
    06 Chrono 03:15
    07 Stubborn Transmission 03:18
    08 Feature Film 04:55
    09 Steffi 02:37
    10 Commode 04:26
    11 Sympathy Changes 07:59
    12 Sel 01:51
    13 A Perfect Fairytale 03:40
    14 For Joe Papa 03:39
    15 Jeff 02:58
    16 Downrock Crooza 04:16
    17 Cowboy 02:13
    18 Susten Pass 03:44
    19 Maitre Du Village 07:14

    Release date || May 20, 2011