• Mindcast.25 // Swarm Intelligence

  • MINDCAST.25 // SWARM INTELLIGENCE ‎- Mindcast Mixtape 10/2015

    We are stoked to present this month´s episode of the MINDCAST series, a diverse and entertaining journey through contemporary electronica and rhythmic noise, compiled by SWARM INTELLIGENCE, who just dropped his brand new album "Rust" via Berlin´s Ad Noiseam label.
    Simon aka Swarm Intelligence has built up a name for habitually reducing darkened Berlin basements to ruins.
    Blending ambient, rhythmic noise and industrial sounds with half-step technoid rhythms and pounding 4/4 grooves, he has captured the attention of techno and noise fiends alike.

    Simon has been very busy since the releases of "Black Iron Prision" (Acre Recordings) and “Faction” (Ad Noiseam) in 2014.
    Besides playing numerous concerts and becoming a notable presence among Berlin’s experimental scene, he has also embarked on an ambitious and conceptual recording project resulting in “Rust”, his third full-length album and second outlet via Ad Noiseam.
    Rust” is more than a collection of field recordings. Drawing from his experience with techno, IDM and post-bass music, Swarm Intelligence delivers an album which combines the bleakness of its source material with a resolutely forward-thinking approach to distortion.
    From its atmospheric moments to its percussive highlights, his album is an enthralling homage to decay which pushes forward the boundaries of the noise and bass genre, which is also demonstrated very well in his Mindcast Mixtape.

    Tracklist //
    01 The Caretaker - Haunting Me [V/Vm Test Records, 1999]
    02 Swarm Intelligence - Chamber [Ad Noiseam, 2015]
    03 Black Rain & Shapednoise - Metal Home [Cosmo Rhythmatic, 2015]
    04 Nolan Dialta - Gloam [Cutting Room Records, 2015]
    05 Yair Elazar Glotman - Drifts [Subtext, 2015]
    06 Tim Hecker - Chimeras [Kranky, 2006]
    07 Swarm Intelligence - Iridescent [Ad Noiseam, 2015]
    08 Kotra - Spiv Zolota [Kvitnu, 2015]
    09 JK Flesh - Boundless Submission [Avalanche Recordings, 2015]
    10 Matter - Depth [Kvitnu, 2015]
    11 Esker - Dano [Not On Label]
    12 Imaginary Forces - Låg Flex [Ohm Resistance, 2011]
    13 Wolf Eyes - Rattlesnake Shake [Sub Pop, 2004]
    14 This Heat - Radio Prague [Rough Trade, 1981]
    15 Swarm Intelligence - Demolition Ground [Ad Noiseam, 2015]
    16 Less – Dornenreigen [Broque, 2015]
    17 Svarte Greiner - Easy On The Bones [Type, 2006]
    18 Eomac – Untitled [Not On Label]
    19 M.E.S.H. – Epithet [Pan, 2015]
    20 Dead Fader - Boom Town [Robot Elephant Records, 2015]
    21 Matt TDK - The Darkening [Raven Sigh, 2015]
    22 Regis - Blinding Horses [Blackest Ever Black, 2015]
    23 OTHK - Wartime Nutrition [Monolith Rec, 2015]
    24 Sigha – 02 [Avian, 2015]
    25 Uninerves – Crack [Not On Label]
    26 Ontal – Foray [Ad Noiseam, 2015]
    27 Swarm Intelligence - Attic Spring [Ad Noiseam, 2015]

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