• Mindcast.24 // Ynoji

  • MINDCAST.24 // YNOJI ‎- Mindcast Mixtape 08/2015

    The august edition of our podcast series is a brief idea of current moods - a snapshot of what happens on the surface of YNOJI´s mind.
    The man behind the Ynoji moniker is the belgian producer, sound designer, tech nerd and sympath Lucian Ditulescu.
    His project name Ynoji (read YNO like Brian Eno and JI like JEAns) is derived from the french word “inouï” and means something like “unheard” or “unprecedented”, although created randomly.

    Lu started producing music in 2009, inspired by his early influences from The Prodigy, Burial and Massive Attack and later on driven by the likes of Amon Tobin, The Haxan Cloak and Demdike Stare.
    In these few years of making music, sound has profoundly changed him from an extreme sports, free diving, fanatic computer nerd to an occult, esoteric and infused machine survivalist.
    Ynoji’s music today is a fusion of cinematic and ethnic sounds, broken beats and organic sound design. He is taking noises from everyday objects and turning them into digital lifeforms.
    Lu has currently released his well received “Conjuro“ EP on the argentinian label “Abstrakt Reflections“ which followed a series of releases by the belgian imprint “Xtraplex Records“.

    Tracklist //
    01 Ynoji - Intro [Not On Label]
    02 The Haxan Cloak - Parting Chant [Aurora Borealis, 2011]
    03 Xploding Plastix - Single Stroke Ruffs [Palm Beats, 2004]
    04 Clarity - Subterrane (Featuring Ena) [Samurai Music, 2014]
    05 Keosz - Advena [Not On Label, 2014]
    06 Wet Eyes - Let The Wind [Futuresequence, 2013]
    07 Genda - No Ordinary Human (Balkansky Remix) [ABCD, 2015]
    08 Liar - Nymph Hunter [Infinite Machine, 2012]
    09 Eomac - No Name [Killekill, 2013]
    10 Amon Tobin - East To West [Ninja Tune, 2002]
    11 Ynoji - Cronbus [Abstrakt Reflections, 2015]
    12 Ynoji - Live Ambient Recording [Not On Label]
    13 Keosz - Purgation [Not On Label, 2014]
    14 The Thing With Five Eyes - Meduxae [Not On Label, 2015]
    15 OAKE - Zweites Buch: Var Genstien [Downwards, 2014]
    16 Accelra - Three Suns [Futuresequence, 2012]

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