• Mindcast.08 // Monolog

  • MINDCAST.08 // MONOLOG - Live Recording For Mindcast 12/2013

    Following an epic session in the studio – we felt it was apt for us to end the year with this live recording from our friend and highly respected artist, MONOLOG, who created a very special ambient set for our podcast series.

    Live guitar riffs stimulate the aesthetics of Mads Lindgren´s first ever ambient soundtrack - orchestrated for this particular session of the Mindcast. From creating no-mercy basslines – to the arrangement of this purely emotive, drone-like sound that's devoid of the bass-drum: it's a rare production that shows a unique musical transformation for the artist – so we are very happy and thankful for this opportunity to share his vision with you here.

    On that note, it's also been a fine old year for the Mindwaves Music crew: so far so good, which is only thanks to the artists that have participated with their finely-tuned expresssions of sound. Their passion and dedication to the communication of sonic vibrations has been relentless and we extend our everlasting appreciation to them for helping us show that it's all about the music and no less!

    Thanks to each and every single artist for bringing their music to the label and our new Mindcast platform. We look forwards to projecting more unique and vibrant sounds from many more artists in 2014. See you on the other side.
    Enjoy, and HAPPY NYE.

    Tracklist //
    01 Monolog - Live Recording For Mindcast [Mindwaves Music]

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