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    Badun was formed in 2002 in Århus, Denmark. Many years have passed since they left earth and have ever since been traveling through space, sometimes faster sometimes slower than light.
    This gives the result of a sound, changing alignment with different ages in many ways a timeless approach to jazz music.

    Warping through boundless time, vibrant information appears - hidden textures only noticeable through their dynamical impact on the larger structures.
    Dissolved percussive patterns in motion, moving and merging- Working together creating a larger abstract harmonic consensus, like metaphysical entities working for and against each other, continuously canceling each other out or adding to the fabric of sound, leaving a fluctuating landscape which curvature is ever changing.
    This bended space-time creates a purposefully made blissful delirium, a pixilated deep sleep in which to fall awaken trough. Deconstructed algorithms challenge their creator, small revolutionaries on acidized, intuitively self organizing...

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