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  • P(h)onyCat

    P(h)onyCat is the moniker of Matilde Møller - a DJ, promoter and music lover based in Aarhus, Denmark. In the early 00's she was introduced to electronic music, and since then her devotion for sharing and promoting music has grown stronger day by day. Her background as a pianist and singer has lead to a profound passion for abstract melodies and quirky beats. She has an unending urge to [...]

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    Pat Flanders

    Pat Flanders is a DJ, promoter and manager of the Berlin based electronica label Mindwaves-Music. In his rare DJ-sets he is known to present cutting edge electronica and bass material with traces of underlying emotionalism and experimentalism. Besides he is half of the duo ChillinBerlin and host of the Mindcast series.facebook.com/pat.flanders.page residentadvisor.net/dj/patflanders [...]

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