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    Our latest issue of the Mindcast series is provided by PERNILLE, a longtime respected friend of the label. We met Pernille for the first time when she helped and supported us with her visuals on our first Mindwaves night at the Berghain Kantine, back in 2008. Pernille Krog Mogensen is a well known and respected figure in the Danish electronic music scene. Formerly working as the head of [...]

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    For our October issue of Mindcast, we invited the Irish-born NIKI K, a talented DJ and promoter currently living in Berlin. Niki is a true purveyor of cutting-edge, deep and contagious grooves with a rich background history in dance music. In Ireland she used to host many successful club nights and festivals, such as Macronite and Bump! Muzik Festival. Her musical style [...]

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    The author of our little MINDCAST.50 anniversary is the sophisticated GRISCHA LICHTENBERGER who created an intriguing and diverse mix, including lot’s of material from his own archives. Grischa Lichtenberger (* 1983 in Bielefeld) is a producer of electronic music, installation and multimedia artist. Since 2009, his works appear among others on the renowned [...]

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