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    Bulgarian born, London-Berlin based ERRORBEAUTY has been meticulously piecing together her impressive catalogue of releases since beginning Djing back in 2003 and we're very happy she found the time to record a mix for Mindcast. A professional flute musician by way of background, she gradually became drawn to electronic music’s intricately textured soundscapes - more specifically the [...]

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    The Egyptian electronic music producer ONSY drops an abstract and complex mix of ambient classics and contemporary experimental gems - lots of glitch and sound design with an atmospheric laid back vibe. Onsy first popped up on our radar when he released his highly recommended debut album „Freq 255“ on one of our favorite labels Schematic Music Company, beginning [...]

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    Mindcast.45 is a fresh mix of electro and acid gems by the Spanish record enthusiast RT.Teclemayer. The now in Berlin based DJ and promoter originally has his musical roots in hiphop music but got raised and shaped in Andalusians breakbeat scene. After collaborating with Spectrum128 on a number of mix tapes and touring through Spanish clubs he finally ended up in Berlin, where he started to live [...]

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