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    With issue fifty six we are happy to welcome back our homie KARSTEN PFLUM. With his meanwhile fifth installment for Mindcast we now could call him a regular.  Fans of the series therefore do not need a further introduction, but we’d like to share some recent news with you: Jacob (aka Karsten Pflum, Karen Lust or Slaphead Faun) just dropped the splendid „City Of Thieves [...]

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    Matilde Møller aka P(H)ONYCAT is back at Mindcast and drops with her second episode a diverse and slightly jazzy mix recording, ranging from nineties Goldies to newer gems out of the classic idm electronica field.  The Aarhus (Denmark) based artist is know for her devotion to share and promote music and her playful and experimental approach to DJ'ing. In her sets she is [...]

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    MINDCAST.54 // PLO

    PLO, the pool lab orchestra, is an ensemble of electronic musicians which is undertaking fully improvised jam-sessions with hardware and software-based electronic instruments. Key of this jams is the experimental, free and open approach to it, with only one rule: everyone participating has to start with a blank sheet to explore and challenge musical interactions. Everything what they do, they do [...]

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