• MINDCAST.54 // PLO - Live Recording For Mindcast 02/2019

    PLO, the pool lab orchestra, is an ensemble of electronic musicians which is undertaking fully improvised jam-sessions with hardware and software-based electronic instruments.
    Key of this jams is the experimental, free and open approach to it, with only one rule: everyone participating has to start with a blank sheet to explore and challenge musical interactions. Everything what they do, they do it from scratch - no roles or rules are given, just free expression.

    The PLO is initiated by Dr.Nojoke as a part of POOL Berlin in 2013. Core members are ANN, Waldboot, Demas, Dr.Nojoke, the artist formerly known as From Karaoke To Stardom and the visual artists AkustoOptik.

    The orchestra also regularly invites guests to their jams - so far:
    Matt & Mark Thibideau (Canada), Sasha Kaline (USA), Ditch (Japan), Akatana (France), Pheek (Canada), Marlene Magnoli (Berlin), Tomash Ghz (Cypria), J-Lab (UK), Fake Electronics (Canada), Dinelka (Sri Lanka), Sebastian Albrecht (Berlin), Serafino of A'mas London, Jonn Melchiat (Berlin), Sin Ed (Berlin), Ray Danski (Berlin) had joined the ensambles sessions.  

    This Mindcast is a recording of jam No. 44 and it is played as recorded with no overdubs, no edits - fully improvised in August 2018.
    Two one-hour long sessions were done. The first one was published as POOLcast 036 in November 2018 and the second one is covered by this episode of our Mindcast.
    Musicians are: Demas, ANN, GNILYF, Dr.Nojoke and the artist formerly known as From Karaoke To Stardom.

    Equipment used:
    Sony Vaio & Apple Laptop / Ableton Live, M4L & Waves and Ohmboyz plug-ins
    iPad - Pattering, Animoog, Thor apps
    Elektron Ritm & Octatrack & Digitone
    Koma Elektronik Field Kit and Field Kit FX
    two tape-recorders
    Zoom multieffect
    TC Electronics ditto looper

    Tracklist //
    01 PLO - pool lab orchestra - Session 044.2 [2018]

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