• MINDCAST.01 // THE EBERTBROTHERS - Live At Boom Festival

    We are proud and happy to start our new MINDCAST series.

    It suppose to present you exclusive DJ mixes or live sets from mostly Mindwaves Music members, but also friend artists who have played at our events for example. Artistic support comes from Heliometra which will supply for each episode a unique cover.

    Mindcast kicks off with a live set from THE EBERTBROTHERS, recorded at BOOM Festival Portugal in August 2012, performing tracks from their album "Susten Pass" (Mindwaves Music, 2011) which was reviewed very well by Cyclic Defrost, Igloomag, Headphone Commute and others.

    The Ebertbrothers are Axel and Michael Ebert, an artist/composer duo living and working in Berlin. They started to collaborate in 2006, first creating video art pieces, then moving more towards a combination of visual & sound performances, which is now their main focus. So far they self-released several live recordings, plus an album (Susten Pass, 2011) and an EP (Engine Eyes EP, 2012) on Mindwaves Music.

    Tracklist //
    01 The Ebertbrothers - Unreleased
    02 The Ebertbrothers - Risc Assembler
    03 The Ebertbrothers - Stubborn Transmission
    04 The Ebertbrothers - Unreleased
    05 The Ebertbrothers - Extern (Edit)
    06 The Ebertbrothers - For Joe Papa
    07 The Ebertbrothers - Sel
    08 The Ebertbrothers - Commode (Edit)
    09 The Ebertbrothers - Unreleased
    10 The Ebertbrothers - Cowboy
    11 The Ebertbrothers - Feature Film
    12 The Ebertbrothers - Unreleased
    13 The Ebertbrothers - Susten Pass
    14 The Ebertbrothers - Sympathy Changes